the faceless bunny of the apocalypse and other easter abominations

Let’s cut right to the chase. Here he is: the faceless bunny of the apocalypse (and his minions):

J. and I debated whether “faceless” or “headless” was more scary. I think faceless wins, although now said bunny is wholly incorporate.  His evil made him extra tasty.

We are neither Christian nor religious, but Easter is one of my favorite holidays. There are chocolate bunnies to mutilate. Their freakish eggs to devour. And peeps to explode. For example, here is a whole, unassuming, innocent peep, just hanging out on a pizza (aka: Easter dinner) box:

I. says, “Any last words, peep?” Then 10 seconds in the microwave (the fun is in watching through the window) and you have this:

So, that’s what we did for Easter. The lady at the toll booth said she was grilling sirloin tips. You know, to each his own.

I’m officially on “spring break” which means that while I still have clients I don’t have classes, so I have some nights free. I have grand plans about being super productive; I always do. It’s nice to dream. The past couple of weeks have been completely screwed up by illnesses going from person to person in the house (except for I. who was sick for the entire first two years of his life and now hardly even gets the sniffles) then G.’s sleep strike. She slept all last night but was up for 2-3 hours each of the two nights before that. We turn ugly without sleep. If she goes through tonight we’ll be human again, but if I have to sit in her room at 2am praying to a god I don’t believe in I will probably just cry. And perhaps do some rending of garments and pulling of hair.

Speaking of misery, I was well and truly outraged last week by our vice president responding to the information that 2/3 of the country no longer supports the war in Iraq by saying (and I’m quoting verbatim here), “So?” What amazes me is that he can so blatantly not give a shit about the majority of the country, a good hunk of whom voted for him, and how it’s just barely news. ABC carried the story, but it was their interview. Every other mainstream media source more or less ignored it. The link is here, if you are interested, but you really have to watch the video to whip up a healthy froth of outrage. It’s not that I expect someone who supports the war to change their mind in an instant based on poll numbers, but I expect my elected officials to at least give lip service to the populace’s beliefs. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s better to know the depth of a politician’s cynicism up front, rather than be blinded by slick ads and soundbites. Either way, I’m a little sick to my stomach.

So, it looks like my much beloved Journeyman is done for good, although the fan campaign fights on. It was, as I have said perhaps far too often and too loudly, the best written and acted show on television. I do love Lost and Heroes, but Journeyman, while still finding its legs, had a maturity and clarity they lack. Watch it on Hulu, all of it, if you don’t mind getting attached to something that was left quite unfinished. I don’t care about the dearth of good TV right now – I have too much to do, and anyway Lost will be back in April and Heroes in the fall – but I wish I knew how it was supposed to evolve. Perhaps SciFi will pick it up. In the meantime I watch New Amsterdam to get my time travel (kind of) fix and wish it were just a little bit better…


~ by other on March 24, 2008.

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