apocalypse water

We are going on a three day deus ex machina mini vacation tomorrow (it was unexpectedly dropped in our lap), so we are spending today trying to get ready while also swimming, eating, and etc.  It is a good, unstressful kind of busy – the kind we should have more of.  Just now I. is watching Dirty Jobs (while wearing his newly begged for and won Superman sunglasses), G. is napping, and J. is mowing the field lawn.  I was doing my part, too, good party member that I am, but decided to sit down for a minute and enjoy the breeze and the smell of grass from outside.  Also, I am lazy. 

I’m looking forward to the vacation itself, but the car ride I dread.  It’s probably going to be about a 4 hour ride, and G. is too curious and energetic to sit still for long.  And, no, unlike every other child in this country she does not sleep much in the car.  She also does not have a portable DVD player – for reasons partially financial and partially philosophical.  Does my 1 1/2 year old really need to watch TV in the car?  There’s so much wrong with that that I don’t even know what to italicize.  But, still, I was mildly agitating for one because they are cheap and there is a small chance she’d actually be quiet and watch it, thus saving us the crying and whining and the blood pressure raising back of the throat whimpering she does when she’s just had it with something.  So, who knows – we’ll just have to grin and bear it and hope it goes well. 

I am trying not to pack a ton of stuff, but with two kids for two nights and three days including the aforementioned long car ride plus lake, pool, and beach swimming, I think we are going to need to rent a trailer to bring it all.  When I was packing for college my mother tried to put a box of tissues into my already overstuffed car and I tossed it out, saying, “Mom, they have tissues in Amherst.”  Since then, “tissues in Amherst” has been my shorthand for “you’re packing too much.”  So I’m actively trying to have a tissues in Amherst experience here, but it’s hard.  I’m way over anxious for everyday life, but I’m awesome in an emergency and would really be just the person to have around in an post-apocalyptic world.  Honestly.  I just read two post-apocalyptic novels back to back (The Road and Cell) so my prepare-for-the-end-of-the-world anxiety is extra high.  I was actually just brining a case of what I privately refer to as apocalypse water downstairs (water to drink in case of the, you know).  I put it in the basement next to a half case of dusty unused Mason jars.  I imagine some survivor breaking into my house and seeing them, thinking, “Mason jars – she must do some canning – there must be food around here somewhere!” and tearing the place up to find it.  Too bad for him or her.  I put bulk lentils and shit like that in those jars.  I have grand plans every year to can and the best intentions.  I honestly do.  But every year I don’t.  There’s the boiling of the jars and the little tongs you use to get them and – eh.  It’s got a vaguely scientific vibe that deters me every time. 

So I will be off at the seashore for a few days, making sand castles and eating fried fish.  Yum.  I’ll be back on sometime next week but in the meantime I leave you with news:

Jesse Helms has died.  I try to see the best in people – it’s practically my job – but I never quite made it with him.  I’m not wishing everyone I see “Happy Jesses Helms Is Dead Day” but I can’t say I think the world is worse off for his loss.

Johnny Rotten actually talks some sense.  Perhaps the world really is ending…


~ by other on July 4, 2008.

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