Who’s that girl and how’d she get so funky?

Hey, where’d summer come from?  It was dark and dreary and cold for a few weeks there, and now it’s suddenly, like 90 degrees and sunny.  I am underprepared.

I am reading What It Is – Lynda Barry’s graphic novel/autobiography/workbook.  I can’t say enough good stuff about it; I’m thinking of never returning it to the library.  It’s an excellent way to identify and start to get away from the inner critic that tags along when you write/draw/create in any way.  I’m in lurv.  I’m actually going to buy this for myself for my birthday.

[Nice list by the way, right?  Keith Moon, River Phoenix, the guy from Crazy Town who was on Celebrity Rehab?  And don’t forget Rick Springfield and Shelly Long.  Classic.]

I also bought myself, god help me, Brain Age for the Nintendo DS.  I regularly have to find some way to check out of my head – I’ve used blogging (hey!), reading Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot books (there, you have my secret), and other, less – um – productive methods in the past.  I’m giving these weird little puzzles a chance now.  So far so good, I actually got up and wrote for about half and hour this morning… (Thank you, Lynda). And my brain age, thank you very much, is 27.

I was feeling like I was going through some changes a few weeks/months ago, and I’m starting to come out the other side.  It’s a two part deal, I think.  For a start, I’m realizing that I’ve changed the way I think of myself – from student to professional.  Yikes.  I was getting nervous about my upcoming internship, thinking that I won’t know what to do, when I realized that I do know what to do, generally, and what I’m nervous about is just doing it.  Does that make sense?  A minor distinction, I guess, but a significant one for me.  The other thing I’ve seen change is that I’m finding myself thinking and acting more creatively again – where writing isn’t a hobby or a chore but something that I enjoy and that just is.  I was coming to this, I think, even before What It Is, but that book has helped me identify and elucidate the feeling.

And so on and so on.

We went to a wedding yesterday, all four of us.  Quelle horreur.  I’m usually quite pro-wedding – I enjoy watching unlikely people enjoying themselves (kwim?).  I also enjoy bars, free primarily, but cash in a pinch.  Unfortunately, this was an evening wedding three hours away which, with kids, is a kind of exquisite torture.  Sit strapped in a car for three hours, darling, then walk directly into a church, sit down and don’t make a noise.  No?  Okay, I’ll walk you around in the mosquito infested drizzle for half an hour.  Now let’s go to a crowded reception hall and wait for dinner for two hours.  Fun!  Hey, I’m happy for the bride (a cousin of J.’s) and wish we could have stayed for the dancing, but next time the ceremony’s at 4pm, the kids stay home or I RSVP with a non, dig?

I have no idea what’s up with the French.  My apologies.  There’s a bakery I love down here that is incredible but is, at it’s heart, just a bakery in New England.  And yet, every time I go in I practice my order in French.  Why?  No one there, to my knowledge, speaks French, and certainly no one requires you to order in French.  Still and all, sometimes I feel compelled.

Other things I love (speaking of baguettes)…

I saw The Soul Movement in Portland earlier this month and all I have to say is: Ladies, get a CD out and do it now!  Funky, sexy, and incredibly catchy.  Loved the songs, loved the ever expanding band, and can’t wait to see them again sometime.  You do the same if you’ve ever got the chance.

Swimmers.  And not just the amazing Mr. Phelps. I dated a swimmer once (well, twice) way back when.  The shoulders, good lord, the shoulders.

Chex Mix.  Why you got to be so good, Mixy?  Why?

My mom.  She bribed me to come down and visit while Nana the Wicked Witch of the South is doing her now annual summer visit.  I recognize but accepted the bribe, so while J. is away in Seattle all week (evil traitor) I’ll spend a couple of days holed up in a hotel with the kids.  No dishes to do, no floor to sweep.  Amen.  And probably the zoo, so there’s that, too.

Slumberland by Paul Beatty.  Kind of.  I’ve been a fan of his since his first book of poetry, and while I’m loving this new book, I’m feeling a little like I’d rather read another book of poetry.  It’s similar in some ways to Junot Diaz’s …Oscar Wao (which I know I’ve gushed over more than once), but… not.  I don’t know.  I think the prose in both books is really alive and really powerful – it’s just that in Beatty’s book I’m made aware of the style and then pop out of the narrative, while in Diaz’s it just sucks me in and holds me there.  This is really nit picky – I think they are both great books and writers, I’m just struggling to identify why Slumberland is less important for me.  Read it; tell me what you think.

Hey, send some employment vibes my way, if you can spare them.  At the very very very last minute I discovered the possibility of a paid internship at a place I used to work.  Things would be fine if it didn’t come through – and it may not, since they are not really looking for an intern per se – but the prospect of a pay check in this time of empty pockets and lint-filled wallets is enticing.  Keep your fingers crossed.


~ by other on August 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Who’s that girl and how’d she get so funky?”

  1. Hey, your b-day’s the 23rd? What a coincidence that it also happens to be National Go Topless day! Ferreal, check it out. What a way to celebrate, eh? 😉

    Thanks for the head’s up on What It Is, it’s now on my Amazon wishlist! I also found a book through their similar items links, The Principles of Uncertainty, that looks really compelling too. It’s been too long since I’ve had a good book, I need some brain food!

  2. Oh, nell – you’re giving me more ideas about a) what to spend money on this weekend (that book looks great) and b) what to do on my birthday. Who knew they had a holiday just for me!

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