confessions & run on sentences

I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I can admit that I’m watching American Idol this year.  I recognize this indicates that the meds might not be working quite as well as I’d hoped, but there it is.  Andrew Garcia, Lee Dewyze, and Lilly Scott, if you’re interested.  And I know you are.

I was also talked into doing Script Frenzy next month.  It did not take much convincing, to  be honest, but now I’m getting a little jumpy about it.  I’m not a screenwriter; I’m going to be writing a play.  I can honestly say that I’m not a playwright, either, although that’s what I studied lo these many years ago (almost 20 years ago, good fucking lord) when I went to college.  The sad fact is this: I really enjoy writing short stories, but I’m much better at writing plays.  Which isn’t to say I’m superstar playwright – I’m not.  It’s just that they generally turn out better than my short stories.  And since I write for myself and no one else, I continue to somewhat blissfully churn out kind-of-okay short stories.  Now that I finished grad school and have a little more time on my hands, though, I’ve started putting some of those extra hours into writing again and have started thinking about sending some things out so I can begin my rejection letter collection.  And then I realized: the reality is that there are a few groups locally that produce new plays, and right now I think it’s more likely that I’ll get something going that way than with the endless number of lit mags and etc. looking for short stories.  So off I go.  To be brutally honest, I also got roped into working with a quasi-drama club where I work, and sitting on the stage got me jonesing for theatre again, a little.  But we’ll let that be our secret, okay?

Finally sunny Saturday, and warm.  I should be outside walking or doing something to enjoy it all, instead of typing away.  You, too, right?  So let’s go.

But wait! Been over to the Beeton blog lately?  Well, go check it out.  I’m LaurieB over there.  I’m doing rude things with vinegar.


~ by other on March 6, 2010.

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