all WHAM! and POW! and so forth

There is nothing new or shocking today.  Which I know is so different from what you’ve come to expect here.  It’s all WHAM!  and POW! and existential angst and complaining about TV commercials.  You know, that kind of excitement.

But today I’ll just say that I picked up Joe Hill’s newest book (thanks to my dear brother in law, who actually buys new books instead of taking them out of the library or drooling on them in bookstores, as I do).  His other novel was good but not great, but this one has started with a bang – about 100 pages in and I already can’t put it down.    And, yes, he is Stephen King’s son and yes, it shows, but not so much as you’d think.  Just read the book and try to forget about it, okay?

I’m going to go now and try not to drink myself silly.  I have been taken down HARD by a vicious little head cold and I am just now – this minute! – starting to feel marginally better.  Unfortunately, the instant I start to feel less horrible I think I’m well and I want to do everything I missed out on while I was sick.  You can imagine how that ends.  So I’m going to try to hit the couch and drink some water and watch a movie and get to bed early.  Or read all ni- And get to bed early.


~ by other on March 13, 2010.

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